Hiber is SOC 2 certified. 🎉

Exciting news over here.

As of today, we are officially SOC 2 certified.

Announcement · Amsterdam, 3 june 2022

At Hiber, we’re on a mission to make IoT simple. And the simplest tech is tech that you can trust, especially when it comes to security. 


For the last few months, we’ve been going through several different audits to make sure our security systems (and mindsets) are up-to-speed. We’ve been evaluated on the physical space of our offices, to make sure that we know who is in the office and when. We’ve audited our HR systems to make sure that all employees and leavers have the right access to the right materials. We’ve also gone through our data management system to make sure we have a backup plan for if something goes wrong, the right encryption in place to keep customers safe, and the right monitoring systems installed to make sure we know what’s happening, at all times. 


The cool thing about this certification, too, is that we’ve done about 80% of it automatically with Vanta. Vanta is a real-time security monitoring platform which keeps our systems secure around the clock.


It’s been quite a bit of work to make sure our security system runs smooth. But it has all paid off. We’re now certified for three of the most important criteria:

Security: The Security certification means we have all the right firewalls in place, can detect and respond to intruders, and have everything hooked up to multi-factor authentication systems. 


Availability: The Availability certification shows that we have a disaster recovery plan in place, can handle incidents, and proactively monitor our tech to make sure everything is secure. 


Confidentiality: The Confidentiality certification proves that we know who is working on what (including our suppliers), have access control, encrypt the most important information, and operate with integrity. 


Data security isn’t just important for our customers, it’s critical. And the same is true for us. SOC 2 is just the start of our security journey, but it’s an important milestone to celebrate because it gives our customers some peace of mind. They can trust that their data is safe, and that Hiber’s ready to handle any security threats with confidence.