Here’s what makes HiberEasypulse affordable.

In this post, we’ll explain some of the ways we adjusted our product to make satellite-based tracking possible for just $15 per sensor, per month.

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It’s the real deal.

HiberEasypulse makes asset tracking easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use, anywhere in the world. But how can satellite-based asset tracking also be affordable? In this post, we’ll explain some of the ways we adjusted our product to make satellite-based tracking possible for just $15 per sensor, per month.



1: A subscription model.

We’ve explored this more in depth, but one thing that makes HiberEasypulse unique and affordable is the fact that we operate on a subscription model. Instead of selling you the hardware or working as a consultancy to build out an IoT system, we sell you a monthly service that ensures your assets are always connected. It works from your operating expenditure accounts, not capital expenditure.


There are a few reasons the subscription ultimately is more affordable for you:


1. Your subscription ensures continued development in the product, so we’re always searching for ways to make the service better.

2. You get free access to all upgrades, whether it’s on the hardware side or the software side.

3. If you need help or a replacement, you call our customer service will fix it for you.

4. If you want to scale your service up or down, it’s easy to add or drop sensors as you need.

In all, the subscription service makes it easy for us to deliver a better service so you don’t have to worry about your asset tracking system.



2: Small data transfers.

Another innovation that makes HiberEasypulse more affordable? The amount of data collected and sent to space. Traditional satellite monitoring solutions need a lot of power to collect data at the wellhead, because they want to transmit that data 24/7. That’s pretty inefficient though, especially if you don’t have a reliable power supply.


HiberEasypulse does things a little differently by gathering a small amount of data, and transmitting it less frequently. You can sample data from your asset every few minutes, but that data is only transmitted every 15 minutes, at most. This system means you won’t get “real time” data, but you’ll get regular updates at an affordable price.



3: Power optimisation.

Smaller, more efficient data transmissions mean one big thing: better power optimisation. Instead of being a power-hungry monster, new satellite well monitoring solutions use less energy. This translates into big savings for you, because you don’t have to install a power supply in a remote area or worry about constantly replacing the batteries. With better power optimisation, you can put the sensors out in the field and effectively forget about them.



4: End-to-end solutions.

Part of the reason asset tracking (and the Industrial Internet of Things, in general) is so expensive is because it’s complex. As a relatively new industry and technology, there are a lot of moving parts. At the moment, the responsibility falls on the business’ shoulders to figure out how to build a system that works.


When we built HiberEasypulse, we knew we wanted to simplify the system. Instead of offering only one part of the total solution, we created a full service solution: one that includes hardware, software, and connectivity. Just take it out of the box, attach it to an asset, and you’re done.


The end-to-end solution works out to be cheaper for you because it doesn’t need special attention. You don’t need to hire expensive engineers to come out and install the system. You don’t need to pay for maintenance. And you don’t have to waste time learning an entirely new system. HiberEasypulse is made to get rid of headaches, not create more problems for you.