What can HiberEasypulse track?

HiberEasypulse is a simple, all-in-one asset tracking solution that has everything you need to get started, out of the box.

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Here’s the what, how, and why.

HiberEasypulse is a simple, all-in-one asset tracking solution that has everything you need to get started, out of the box. There are three key parts:

  1. The edge station (a device stuffed with electronics which you mount to your asset).
  2. The Mission Control dashboard (a web-based portal that lets you see asset data).
  3. The connectivity that links the two. In this post, we’re going to talk more about the edge station.


What it is, what you can track, and what that means for you. What is the edge station?


The edge station is a brick-sized white box that’s stuffed with electronics. Inside it has everything you need to track your assets, including a GNSS module, an antennae, and even a three-axis accelerometer.


There are two versions of the edge station. One is battery powered, designed with non-powered assets in mind. You can mount it to an asset a few different ways (such as with magnets, for example), and it’ll start gathering data instantly.


The other option is a CAN bus powered version. This edge station takes a little more installation time because it hooks directly into a vehicle’s CAN bus connection.


The battery powered version and the CAN bus version of. HiberEasypulse can both track several important metrics.


Both versions of the HiberEasypulse solution can use the GNSS module and the three-axis accelerometer to keep track of some pretty interesting data:


  • Location: The first part of asset tracking is knowing where your stuff is.
  • Movement detection: Use the GNSS or the accelerometer to know when your vehicle is moving.
  • Speed and distance: Speed and distance can be measured by taking the difference between two location points, or, for the CAN bus version, by reading the speedometer and accelerometer data.
  • Vibration: Know when your vehicle is turned on.
  • Shock: If there’s a strong impact, you’ll know about it.
  • Run time and idle time: Combine the vibration measurements with the motion detection to see how productive your assets are.


You can also set up geofencing with both modules to get alerts whenever a vehicle leaves a certain predefined zone. The CAN bus version of HiberEasypulse can also track a few more detailed metrics.


The CAN bus version of HiberEasypulse plugs directly into your vehicle, gathers CAN bus data, decrypts it, then delivers that information to the Mission Control dashboard. It can measure everything that the battery powered solution can monitor...but it can also do a lot more.


Usually, we can measure things like:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed
  • Engine hours
  • Distance travelled
  • Engine temperature
  • Power take-off (so, how much power the asset uses if there are auxiliary components)
  • Engine torque
  • Accelerator position
  • Brake pedal
  • Idle hour


In some cases, we may also be able to measure things like parking brake usage, engine torque, fuel usage, tyre pressure...and then some. We can’t invent data, but if you vehicle’s CAN bus connection is measuring something, chances are we can tap into it.