On-demand Webinar | Automate data collection on your remote gathering pipelines.

Learn why more pipeline data is important. And how to get it. All for free, in this webinar featuring Arne Spliet, pipeline expert.

It’s no secret that pipelines are an important source of data. But when it comes to gathering the data you need to reduce risk, plan maintenance, and keep operations running smoothly, oil and gas operators are often stuck with sub-par solutions. 


Join us in this free webinar with Arne Spliet, entrepreneur and pipeline expert, to learn more about gathering data on your gathering pipelines. In 45 minutes, he’ll explain:

  • Why operators need more pipeline data, and how it supports risk management efforts. 
  • What the “bowtie” model is, and why Shell uses it to evaluate (and mitigate) pipeline risks. 
  • Where there are massive opportunities for pipeline management around the world. 
  • How adding just a little more data to your pipeline management systems unlocks significantly more opportunities in inspection repair and maintenance. 

At the end, you’ll walk away knowing how to leverage your pipeline data for better insight into operations. And how to get more data to help you make better decisions. 


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Arne Spliet.

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