Hiber named a Dutch National Icon 2019.

Inreda Diabetic, Ioniqa and Hiber are Dutch solutions to global challenges in the areas of health care, material reuse and digitization.

October 7, 2019 · 6 min read

Hiber named a Dutch National Icon 2019.

What do the following three innovative brands have in common? An artificial pancreas for people with diabetes from Inreda Diabetic. Upcycling plastic PET waste so it can be reused forever from Ioniqa. And Hiber’s nano satellite network that makes the Internet of Things (IoT) accessible anywhere on Earth. Well, they have all been named National Icons by the Dutch government. The three winners were announced tonight on the TV program De Wereld Draait Door by State Secretary Mona Keijzer - Economic Affairs and Climate policy (EZK).


Initially the jury, under the leadership of former Minister Hans Wijers, selected 10 finalists from over 50 submissions.

“The projects illustrate the innovative strength and diversity of the Netherlands. All ten projects, in their own innovative way, will have an impact on the Dutch economy and societal challenges that we face in the short or longer term.”

Hans Wijers

National Icons showcase our innovative strength.

These were then shortlisted to the final three to be proposed to the Dutch cabinet. The Council of Ministers then decided to appoint these as National Icons. State Secretary Keijzer proudly announced, “Inreda Diabetic, Ioniqa, and Hiber are Dutch solutions to global challenges in the areas of health care, material reuse, and digitization. These new National Icons showcase of our innovative strength. They are inventions of entrepreneurs with great economic potential. We can expect a lot from them and the government will support them in this.”


Over the next three years, the Dutch cabinet will help these National Icons realise their ambitions. Each will receive a Minister or State Secretary as their own ambassador. The benefits are invaluable, including access to a large network both at home and abroad, help finding finance and new partners, plus having support from the government.


For more information about the competition, the jury and the 10 finalists, visit www.nationaleiconen.nl.