Recording | TechTalk: HiberHilo's Wireless communication protocol explained.

Low power. Long range. Secure.



LoRaWAN® technology has a lot of benefits, and that’s why it’s one of the key pieces of the HiberHilo puzzle. As the communication protocol we use to connect our sensors to our gateway, we are pretty excited about it.


So excited, that we’ve asked one of our engineers to do an entire TechTalk about it. Listen to Thanas Karapatis for a 15-minute presentation and learn:

  • What LoRaWAN® is and why it’s the secret sauce behind the HiberHilo solution.
  • How we at HiberHilo use the tech to connect small sensors across large areas of land into one easy-to-use well and pipeline monitoring solution.
  • How LoRaWAN® technology lets you have more peace of mind when it comes to sensors in the field (hint: it has to do with battery life).