Well monitoring should be easy. And with HiberHilo, it finally is.

It should be easy to know what’s happening at your wells, at all times, regardless of where they are in the world.

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It should be easy to know what’s happening at your wells, at all times, regardless of where they are in the world.


It should be easy for engineers to gather data about the wells, without worrying about their safety. And it should be easy to hear about an issue at a well even if there isn’t an engineer physically present.


And you know what? It shouldn’t cost a fortune, either. Whether it’s a brand new well that you want to monitor. Or a late-life asset that just needs to keep expenses as low as possible. 


It should be easy. But it hasn’t been, until recently.  

The reality is, well monitoring in remote areas often requires putting a lot of people into dangerous situations to get data that’s acceptable, at best. Especially in remote areas, like the salty environments of offshore platforms, offshore, in the desert, mountains, jungle, swamps, or even just rural areas. Your engineers have to visit the wells every few weeks, and the data they collect while visiting these wells is a simple snapshot of the well’s performance. It’s not a great method to track your well’s performance, or identify problems before they become disasters.


Right now there are some options for wellhead monitoring, but none of them are ideal. You could build out a full communications system, but that’s an expensive endeavor. Or you could try to expand an existing system, but this might still pause production for a few days.


Or, you could use HiberHilo. Which we invented specifically to make well monitoring in remote areas of the world easy. And affordable. And simple to implement.


HiberHilo’s a sophisticated tool wrapped up in an easy-to-use package. Just pull it out of the box, install it on the Christmas tree, connect it to the satellites, and watch the data start rolling in. It’s really that simple. There’s no complicated wires, no confusing instruction manuals, and no pausing production for days at a time. After installation, engineers can monitor wellhead pressure and temperature from anywhere in the world, thanks to a satellite connection.


And the best part? You can uninstall it just as easily, then move those sensors to different wellheads around the world. 


Simple to get started. Easy to use. And so flexible, you can move it around the planet. It’s pretty revolutionary technology for oil and gas, if you ask us. And we’re sure you’ll agree, once you try it.