What makes HiberHilo different?

We've narrowed what makes HiberHilo different down to three categories.

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So you know HiberHilo’s a well monitoring solution. But why do we keep emailing you about it?


Well, there are a lot of reasons. And we’re obviously biased. But after sitting and pondering for a while, we’ve narrowed down what makes HiberHilo different into three distinct categorie



1: It works anywhere in the world. 

HiberHilo is high-tech. The system was designed by a combination of rocket scientists, satellite whiz kids, and O&G veterans in Hiber’s labs in the Netherlands. And the combination of brain power in these rooms created a satellite-based well monitoring solution that works anywhere in the world.


That means HiberHilo opens doors, everywhere. You can use it in the middle of the North Sea. Or in the middle of Nevada. Any well. Anywhere. 

“O&G companies should be able to focus on what they’re best at: getting the materials we need to power the world. They don’t need to become technology companies too.”

2: It’s affordable


Even though it uses satellites, HiberHilo is affordable. We purposefully designed the system to be cost-effective.


It doesn’t use a lot of power. 

HiberHilo’s default settings are optimised for power efficiency. The system doesn’t beam up data 24/7. Instead, it captures data on your well every 15 minutes, then transmits that data to the satellite once an hour. The rest of the time, the system is dormant (we like to call it “hibernating”). 


It captures only the most important data. 

HiberHilo doesn’t measure every possible thing happening with your well, which would cost a lot of money. Instead, the system only captures a small amount of data, like the wellhead pressure and temperature, and ignores other factors. 


It’s long-range. 

Most satellite connections have a sensor-to-gateway connection limit of about 250 metres, if we’re being generous. Which is pretty impractical, if you’ve got a well that’s 252 metres away from the gateway, and need to hook up another expensive gateway just to get the data you need. HiberHilo gives you a range of 10 kilometres from the gateway, and you can connect as many as 500 sensors to a single gateway. It’s designed to be practical. 


It’s subscription-based. 

Unlike other options on the market, HiberHilo is a subscription-based solution. Which means you pay a monthly price for the service and we lease the equipment out to you, instead of you buying everything up front. This helps spread the costs a bit, but it also means you don’t have to buy equipment that just depreciates in value over the years. All classified as operating expenditure, no CAPEX. So go ahead, give yourself a high five for the balanced P&L sheet. Well done. 

3: It’s easy to use.


Here’s a bit of a *bold* statement for the world of wellhead monitoring: we think it should be easy to keep track of your wells, even if they’re in remote areas of the world. O&G companies should be able to focus on what they’re best at: getting the materials we need to power the world. They don’t need to become technology companies too.


That’s why we designed HiberHilo as an end-to-end solution. There isn’t any complicated IT infrastructure needed. It’s plug-and-play. Takes a few minutes to set up. And is completely fuss-free.


You don’t have to source parts from a thousand different places (we did that for you). And if something goes wrong, you don’t have to waste hours figuring out which part of the Rube Goldberg machine is broken. Instead, you can just call customer service and let us figure out which part of the machine is broken while you go about your day.