HiberHilo successfully remotely monitoring offshore wells in Southern Europe.

Article · 2 min read

HiberHilo has been installed at offshore wells in Southern Europe to enhance the sustainability and boost the productivity of several offshore gas wells. It is remotely monitoring production tubing, annular pressure, and flowline pressure of these wells.

The Challenges


In addition to regular well integrity monitoring, checking the gas injection pressure and production tubing pressure is essential for production improvement and intervention planning. Regular reports on well integrity status are also necessary. 

To overcome these challenges and meet local monitoring requirements, our customer had previously experimented with a number of remote well monitoring solutions that used cables or relied on GSM connections. However, these options all proved prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to install.


The Solution

HiberHilo was identified as a viable alternative solution due to being easy to install, affordable and crucially, thanks to its satellite connectivity, more reliable—even when operating in remote locations. This agile solution digitises well monitoring using low-cost, low-power satellite IoT connectivity to gather and deliver well performance and safety data to achieve productivity and sustainability objectives. 


Pressure sensors were installed on different decks of the unmanned platform—a process that took just two days in total. This was a significant improvement over the solutions the customer previously installed, where the installation process could take a few weeks.  The sensors are transmitting production tubing pressure, annular pressure, and flowline pressure every hour through a gateway on the platform and then via satellite to our customer’s central dashboard. 


The Benefits so far


The HiberHilo solution delivers three key benefits for this customer:

  • Better data boosts productivity: Using more reliable satellite connectivity provides the business with more accurate and insightful data to drive better decisions that can help boost productivity: costly downtime can be avoided as a result of issues going undetected. 


  • Enhanced sustainability: Hiberhilo advances its customer’s environmental safety and sustainability goals by enabling it to identify issues such as a pressure build-up at an early stage so mitigating action can be taken and interventions planned.  


  • Reduced costs and reduced HSE exposure: A ready-to-go, turnkey solution, HiberHilo is easy and cost effective to install and has the added benefit of improving safety and eliminating expenses incurred sending engineers to the platform.