Reduce downtime with a near-constant stream of reliable data.

Know what’s happening at your wells, all the time, for quick interventions.

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Know what’s happening at your wells.

Right now most well maintenance simply runs on a schedule. Much like well monitoring, your team will go out to wells at regular intervals to make sure everything is working the way it should be, fix anything that’s broken, and take note of anything that seems like it could become a problem.


The other way most maintenance is currently done is after an incident. Basically, when you see a problem, it’s time to fix it. Your wells are tough pieces of equipment that are built to last. And that’s a good thing, because when you’re monitoring your wells manually and an incident happens, it can be weeks (or months) before you discover the malfunction.


Scheduled or reactive maintenance works fine. Engineers are talented people, and they’ll likely catch any warning signs of major problems with the wells, and know how to fix them on the spot. But it’s expensive. According to McKinsey, maintenance accounts for 10-15% of total production costs at most oil sites.

“According to McKinsey, maintenance accounts for 10-15% of total production costs at most oil sites.”

But what if we told you that digital technology can bring that cost down by as much as 10%?


In the same article we linked above, McKinsey uses the term “smart maintenance.” Smart maintenance is when you use data to more efficiently allocate maintenance resources in your oil field. When you’ve got devices in place that give you regular data on your wells, you can easily see trends in your wells’ behavior. And build prescriptive maintenance plans (rather than reactive maintenance or scheduled maintenance plans) as a result. 


Imagine this. Tracking well behavior. Analysing historical data. And building a plan that lets you send the right people to the right place at the right time. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


The good news is that digital well monitoring lets you do that. But for most wells around the world, there simply hasn’t been an affordable way to actually get that data.

Until we invented HiberHilo.


We have the radical idea that well monitoring should be easy, no matter where you are in the world. And it shouldn’t cost a fortune to get the data you need just to know what’s going on.


HiberHilo is a whole solution to bring your remote wells into the 21st century, right where they belong. It’s an affordable tool that lets you track every well you have. Get alerts when one of them is behaving abnormally. And respond quickly. All with the reliability of wired solutions, but at an affordable price that really can’t be beat.