Is HiberHilo available in your country?

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Our easy and affordable remote well-monitoring solution is available in over 19 oil- and gas-producing countries to help improve safety and sustainability in the energy transition.



WTS Energy partnership:

WTS Energy is a leading solution supplier in the oil, gas and renewable energy industries and has more than 21 offices around the globe.


Hiber developed HiberHilo in a joint venture with WTS Energy in 2020.


The companies have since worked together on the installation, servicing, and maintenance of the technology as it has rolled out to serve five of the world’s super-major oil and gas companies, including Shell and distributing in countries like US, Gabon, Nigeria, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, and Brazil. 


Additional agents and partners:

In addition, Hiber is also working with agents and partners in 12 additional locations including Malaysia, UAE, Australia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, India,  Egypt, Oman, Angola, and for projects in the North Sea, making its HiberHilo solution available in over 20 key oil- and gas-producing countries. 


Our partner and agent agreements allow us to significantly extend our reach to cover the major oil-producing regions and bring the benefits of our remote monitoring solution using reliable satellite data to more producers and more territories.