Let’s make IoT simple.

The reality is that digital transformation shouldn’t be hard. We live in the 21st century.

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“Digitisation” is a buzzword if we’ve ever heard one. It began as a well-intentioned way to express the need for industries like oil and gas to embrace digital technology. But it’s morphed into a vague umbrella term that doesn’t have any urgency.


That’s why it’s been so hard for companies to embrace digital change. When you use a term that’s so broad, it’s hard to drill it down into specific actions that push digital innovation forward.


The result? “Digital transformation” becomes the work of expensive consultants who want to completely overhaul the business.


The reality is that digital transformation shouldn’t be hard. We live in the 21st century. And it should be as easy to adopt digital technology in your business as it is to adopt digital technology in your personal life. Sure, there will be large-scale transformation projects that require consultants. But there should also be easy integrations that make life easier.


That’s what we believe at Hiber, anyway. We’ve always been on a mission to bring IoT connectivity to the remote areas of the world. But after a while, we saw that connectivity alone wasn’t enough. The problems were too large and complicated. And we wanted to find a way to simplify them.


HiberHilo was our first milestone on this journey. It’s a plug-and-play solution that’s unlike anything that’s ever been created. It’s designed to be pulled out of a box, installed in a day, and used for years without any maintenance.


And if any maintenance is required, it’s easy to diagnose a problem and find a solution. And while it won’t overhaul your entire business, it’s an easy way to take a step forward in digitisation. Without a massive budget. Or extra personnel. Or complicated installations. Or complex, vulnerable IT systems that can only be decoded by one person.


It’s simple. Hassle-free. Easy to understand and use. Just as technology today should be. And that’s something we believe in deeply at HiberHilo.

So much so that we’ve steered our whole company toward this goal that some might say is ludicrous. It’s impossible to make IoT simple, they may say. But we’re here to prove them just how possible it really is, with a little bit of creativity and innovation.

And we want you to be part of that journey with us.